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What's your running goal/goals for the year??

Whether it's your first marathon, a quicker time, more mileage, better technique or even to stay injury free, I highly advise adding not only strength training but also core specific work, flexibility work and mixing your training up each week instead of long 'lazy' miles.

@crillypersonaltraining already have an abundance of runners that come to the gym week in and week out and can vouch that unless you mix it up and train smart you can't get to your highest of heights. Why not become part of that and get onto us about how we can help you. From personal training to classes and more I'm sure you'll find an answer.

This year also we will be introducing beginner running programs, bespoke running plans tailored to you and your goal and lifestyle, technique specific sessions and biomechanical analysis to name a few so what is that they say .....oh yeah, 'watch this space'.

*Note- planning, technique coaching and even biomechanical analysis will be optional online too if you live away. *

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