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Up for a great challenge in 2022 , then why not join Ultra runner Jill McCann and like minded Runkies who will attempt to run for 48 Hours at Omagh youth sport running track.. You can share this experience by entering one of 7 different time options from 1 hour up to 48 hours!

All the proceeds will be going to support Autism NI and The Enda Dolan Foundations great local work.

After a very successful event in 2020 it is back with the event being tailored for all types of runners to take part from running for an hour or for the extreme runners taking on the 48 hour event . This will be a unique experience and a great atmosphere for all taking part running under the lights on a running track with fellow runners from all parts of the country and will be great craic.

So if looking for a great event to look forward too in 2022 , get signed up and get the training started for this wonderful event SIGN UP HERE

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