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Team Morgan take on the Sahara Desert for Hospice

Paddy Hamilton and CEO of Morgan Fuels, Hugh Morgan will be taking part in the

legendary Marathon Des Sables.

County Armagh runners Hugh Morgan and Paddy Hamilton are back on track as the Marathon Des Sables. A six day ultra marathon, that comprises of running 156 miles in the Sahara Desert at a time of year when the temperature can exceed 50 degrees Celsius, has been given it's new date due to Covid and now set for October 2021.

Hugh and Paddy had been training hard for the event and are now back to full training once again for the new date to reach their £100k target for vital funds for the Irish Hospice Foundation & Northern Ireland Hospice which are needed now more than ever because of covid.

CEO of Morgan Fuels, Hugh Morgan

Please help them reach their goal and give whatever you can. Every penny given is very much appreciated . PLEASE DONATE HERE

We look forward to following this great story further as we had it in an issue of the magazine as well.

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