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Rise of the Super Shoes

12th March 2021

A Zoom Webinar with Biomechanist and Shoe Designer Peter Thompson on Modern Shoe Technology and Developing the Biokinetic Energy System

Wednesday 24th March - 8.30pm

Athletics NI are delighted to offer an exciting opportunity to hear from Peter Thompson, shoe designer and biomechanist who worked with Reebok on the very first Energy Return System (ERS) and later joined the Hoka team to design the Carbon Rocket Shoe. Peter will talk about the evolution of shoe technology to inform athlete and coach decision making on choice of shoe for competition and training.

Not only does Peter have a background in shoe design, but he is a renowned coach and coach developer. He has coached all the disciplines of Track & Field Athletics and was the first coach of decathlete Daley Thompson (aged 14-17).

Peter has held roles with the IAAF (now World Athletics), as Event Group Leader for Endurance, and the European Athletics Coach Association as European Endurance Leader. Since 1978, Peter has concentrated on the middle and long distance events with his athletes setting six world records. He formally defined the ‘New Interval Training’ method in 1995, after innovating, developing and using the method from 1975. More recently he has identified, defined and developed the terms ‘Biokinetics’ and ‘The Fourth Energy System’, which is one of the concepts that underpins Athletics NI’s training philosophy for physical preparation in our Academy and Commonwealth Potential Programmes.

Peter will talk us through the evolution of shoe technology, what coaches need to know about the biokinetic energy system, how it should be developed within the modern era of ‘super shoes’ and the positive and negative impact the shoes are having and may have in the future.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 24th March at 8.30pm

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