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Maisie makes a huge impression in Strangford

Report by Siobhan Grant

As summer comes to an end and for many 11 year olds, it marks the start of a new journey. Leaving behind their Primary school and moving to new schools and making new friends, it’s a lot to digest. For local athlete, Maisie McVeigh, that isn’t the only new journey that she will be embracing.

Toeing the line at Strangford 5k on Friday evening, in yellow and red, marked the first event where Maisie would be representing her new club, Newcastle AC. Joining her dad Connaire and brothers Connaire Og and Harry at the club.

True to form Maisie has not let her recent podium win in Ardglass go to her head. Keeping her training consistent and varied before launching into another competitive race.

In the wake of Ardglass’ undulating route Maisie decided that sticking with a similar styled local event and keeping it near the Lecale Way on a calm Friday evening was a good choice. Although this route did pose its challenges she ran a smart race and accelerated at the right point to secure another win for the dedicated and relentless youngster, which secured first lady home in the 5k in 22.31.

Her biggest fan, little Tilly is looking forward to a treat with her big sisters winnings.

Maisie and Dad Connaire McVeigh

Dad Connaire, didn’t disappoint either, returning to the race that he previously took 3rd place in. This year he secured a convincing 6th place in the 10k in amongst a very competitive and fast field in 37.47.

A huge thank you to the committee at Strangford Festival and all the volunteers around the whole route for ensuring the smooth running of both races.

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