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Looking for a challenge that lasts all year?


A race from Virtual Run NI to kick off 2022 / January 1st–December 31st, 2022

Want to challenge yourself to run further run than you have ever done in 12 months? Want to get your hands on a great medal for doing so? Well then..... you are in the right place!! Choose your distance , make sure its a challenge to you !! We have the following distances available :-

  • 525 km

  • 525 miles

  • 1000 km

  • 1000 miles

  • 2022 km

  • 2022miles

  • Or you can make our own pledge if you want to go bigger!! )

Why the 525 you ask? Well that represents every village, town and city in Northern Ireland! As this challenge is based on the 12 months, we do understand that injuries may happen, and life can take over , or you may have a spectacular year in running , so we will open up a chance to change your distance (down or up) around halloween! This is a big challenge, so it deserves big bling !! The medal will measure 14cm x 12 cm (quite a bit bigger than our last medals! ) SIGN UP HERE

2022 Annual Distance Challenge £20.22

2022 Annual Distance Challenge (Non UK) £22.22

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