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Young Jodie O’Connor from Darkley Co.Armagh has set herself the new target of completing 250 Park Runs to raise money for the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

Every day 250 people are told the life-changing news that they're losing their sight. We want to ensure no one faces this diagnosis alone, and that people with sight loss can live their lives the way they want to, independently and in a world with no barriers. Sight Loss Advisors can provide emotional and practical support to someone who is coming to terms with their sight loss. Your fundraising could help us ensure no call to the RNIB Helpline goes unanswered, and that no one feels alone during this difficult time.

Jodies granny lost her own eyesight and we didn't realise to this happened how much we take for granted.Not been able to leave the house without a companion or do things like shopping,watch TV pick out clothes even read a newspaper. there is so much that we need our eyesight for and a big thing is not been able to see families faces.My mum used to say it's like been in jail but thankfully as she is such a strong determined person and has great faith she learned to live with it as best she could.

She would put us all to shame always thinking of others and keeping active cleaning in the house as she know exactly where everything is and keeping herself going.We would love your support and encouragement to help Jodie reach her target so we can help in someway people effected in anyway by blindness or visual impairment.


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