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Frank Greally Celebrating A 50 Year Milestone

I will be Celebrating A 50 Year Milestone! At The Lower Deck, Pub, Portobello, Monday, September 19th 8pm.

On Monday next, September 19th, it will be 50 years since I set off for East Tennessee State University on an Athletic Scholarship.

I made that journey with my forever friend- the late Ray McBride and on Monday next- September 19th- I'm hosting an evening of Music- Song-Poetry & Story in The Lower Deck (Downstairs) in Portobello.

It's a Celebration of The Joy Of Living on Gratitude Road and Fond Remembrance too of family and dear friends passed.

The Session starts at 8pm - a night of great Variety and Fun guaranteed! Join me for a Night To Remember!

The Lower Deck, Pub, Portobello MAP HERE

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