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33rd British and Irish Masters Cross Country International Championship

Race report by Photos by Lindie Naughton

Karl Nolan (Ireland ) Philip Goss (N.Ireland ) Jan Baily (England)

The 33rd British and Irish Masters Cross Country International Championship took place in Santry Dublin for 2022. This is always a great location for XC events. The Irish Masters Association of Ireland hosted the event with huge success. The logistics involved for hosting an International event like this takes many man hours of preparation, hard work and dedication. Every element of planning went like clock work and this could be seen very evidently throughout the entire event.

Natasha Adams (Ireland )

Participants were made feel very welcome and special, and so they should. Athletes qualified for their countries after battling it out for a place on their national team. Each year seems to increase with the quality and increased performance needed in the qualifying process. This makes that national team place feel better earned and gives the athletes even more pride in wearing their national singlet.

Ireland were very strong this year and we could see this in the results across the board. Ireland had wins in the Men's 65+ teams, Women's 70+, Women's 35+, Women's 45+, Women's 50+, Men's 40+, and Men's 45+.

The team winners were well spread among all nations. However, Ireland topped the overall scoring and were winners for both men and women. The highest aggregate score would be crowned champions for 2022. Each country was awarded points for their placings in all age team categories. ex (5pts for winners, 4 for 2nd etc.) Ireland's men had a narrow 1 point win over England with 37 pts to 36 pts.

In the women's teams, Ireland had a more comfortable win with 4pts to spare over England 34 pts to 30pts, Scotland also had 30th pts.

The day was capped off with a fantastic night of celebration and a top class banquet in Clayton Airport Hotel.

Next year will be in Glasgow, Scotland and we look forward to another great day of competition.



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