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#2min  Clean Up 2023

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1. Take part in the 2 min clean-up in 2023  with friends/ running / Walking club/group members and do a 2-minute clean-up on your route that needs it the most.  Please take your bag home with you or put it in the nearest bin on your route. Please also share photos with us at and give full details on the form to go into issues of the magazine.

2. If you see larger rubbish like a flytip on your route, please report this to your local council so that it can be taken away and help deter this from becoming a bigger problem. Please never engage someone Flytipping your safety comes first 

3. Not only are you helping clean your area but building a better stronger community that will support you along with future clean-ups.. The younger generation will also take part more because you showed them the way, as someone who takes part in beach cleans I now see it with different eyes, you spot rubbish you never did before. 

Please take a photo/photos of your 2 min clean-up. Please add all names /club/group name to be added to the magazine

4. Your safety comes first never clean a busy traffic route, always wear gloves or use a litter picker, never clean during dark periods, and only clean what you can at one time. Never clean alone do it with a group of people for your safety,  We can play our part in reducing the rubbish on our routes and feel prouder we did our bit.

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All Clubs / groups and individuals that take part in The Big Clean Up 2023 will be thanked and have their own poster / Fcebook Banner made to share on Facebook / websites

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The 2023 Campaign was officially launched in our January issue of the magazine.   

We hope that all runners / Walkers will help and support this campaign by taking part in large and 2 minute clean ups , to help clean our running / walking routes for everyone to enjoy. 

Please take part in a clean up and sent your photo to us to help and support the campaign , let's play our part and help clean our routes.

Read Here

A massive thank you to Neruja Srikantharajah for being the face behind the campaign and to her  husband Mark Gribbon for the great photos

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