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Be a part of the campaign, upload your Club badge, company logo, or photo of you the runner /walker. We will email your very own poster to you to share on social media and show your support for the campaign with the hashtag.

The more we get to take part the wider we spread this very important message.


The Active Runner Free Online Magazine #bebrightbesafebeseen safety campaign is back for another year. The campaign is now in its 7th year of spreading this very important message, Spokesperson for the campaign Kevin Gallagher says we continue to notice people not wearing the proper or no reflective gear and lights at all while out walking and running. The campaign would like to ask all runners and walkers to support this campaign, simply by wearing the proper reflective gear and lights for others to follow your lead. We would like to see this campaign grow each year and get more organizations involved.

Most runners /walkers don’t realize that they are virtually invisible at dusk, dawn, and at night. Many people figure that since they can see, they can be seen. Unfortunately, motorists have an extremely hard time seeing people in poor lighting conditions. not only does it get darker earlier at this time of year and stay darker for longer, the weather conditions also add to the problems. A runner wearing reflective clothing can be seen by a driver using dipped headlights up to 200 meters away, but the same runner only wearing dark clothes could be just 10 meters from the car before the driver sees them.

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1. Wear Bright and Reflective Clothing It’s difficult for drivers to see runners in the dark, so don’t make it harder on them by wearing dark, non-reflective clothing. Make sure to wear bright colors, with reflective material or tape so that you stand out as you run

2. Wear or Carry Lights Not only is it hard for drivers to see you in the dark, but it is also hard for you to see the road, trail, or path as you run. There are many small lights that are easy to wear or hold that will illuminate your path while running. Plus, drivers will be able to see you. A small red light can also be attached to the back of  your reflective vest so you can be seen from the back while running

3. Run Facing On Coming Traffic The proper place to run is facing oncoming traffic. Think about it. It is far easier to jump out of the way of an oncoming car if you can see the car coming at you

4. Don’t Listen to Music Some tunes on your run are great to keep you going, but not in the dark. When running in the dark, you need to rely on all your senses, not just your sight. Leave the music at home so you can hear any potential dangers

5. Run in Well Lit or Populated Areas Rethink your run route if you’re used to running on trails. Although it’s nice and peaceful while running on trails, you set yourself up as an easy target for someone to attack or accost you. Stick to busier roads and well-lit areas. It may be a bit boring, but at least you’re safer.

6. Let Someone Know Your Route in Advance you are taking before going for your run.,also run a route in a populated area.

7. Check your headlights /Equipment Before Running check batteries or make sure your headlight has a proper charge before you go for your run.

8, Run With a Friend /  Running Group when you can. Safety in numbers is best.

9. Run with your mobile phone not just as a safety measure but you could help another person in difficulty.

10, If you see another runner /walker not wearing the proper gear, by wearing it you are making them aware of it and can have a hand in that person getting the proper gear. If someone asks you where you got your reflective gear /lights etc please help them and advise.

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